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We are on a mission to leverage The Rich Media Company’s in-house expert creative team which has skillfully and seamlessly delivered multiple campaigns to clients across India. Our unique ads for mobile use 40+ powerful smartphone sensors and features to create a significant impact on your brand metrics.

Make Every Moment Interactive

A study shows interactive ads deliver up to 3x the conversion rate of a conventional video ad (and as high as 7x for playable)

Create Immersive Experience

Rich media ads ability to enhance user experience, drive more clicks, and improve purchase intent by up to 50% makes it a compelling choice for brands and advertisers

Engage Users With Interactive Ad Units

On average, rich media ads have been reported to achieve 3 to 5 times higher CTRs than traditional banner ads

Ad formats designed to outperform the campaign goals

Our service offering brings together creativity and exceptional.
Creative designed to drive high quality attention.


Benefits of Rich Media Ads

Outperform, Outstand, Outlast

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    Ideating and designing a good creative for mobile is a time-consuming and costly affair. We understand that brand marketers are often overwhelmed with demanding workloads, and ultimately end up creating simple, non-engaging standard banner ads.

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